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                JACOBS PRIDE FIESTA PUDDN OL… - 17.47% Inbred  
                                     Top 10 Individual Contributors to Inbreeding %
Registered Name Reg # Inbreeding %
WILL-O'-THE-WISP RED ROCK N001037006 0.86
SIX-M-GALAXY AISHA N000885840 0.23

Jacobs Pride Fiesta Puddn Ole'

               May 15th 2010                           June 21st 2010                                     May 15th 2010    

Fiesta Puddn Ole' made her first show debut at our local SAGBA Memorial Day Show amongst stiff competition and presented a showing of what she's made of.
Fiesta Puddn Ole' earned a Res. GCH. in ring one under Judge Anna Thompson-Hajdik. However, she didn't stop there and continued to strut herself around in ring 2 under Judge Gary Whitehead earning her GCH. and an official Dry Leg.
We felt confident enough about Fiesta Puddn Ole' that we made the decision to haul her 1870 miles one way for the ADGA Nationals in Louisville KY. to compete with national competition from across the United States of the best of the best. To our utter delight, Fiesta Puddn Ole' placed 4th in her class (Go Fiesta! ) of over 60 doelings competing under Judge Tomas Peter Considine and consulting Judge Karen Senn .

Fiesta Puddn Ole'  was a thoroughly thought out breeding. She descends from a strong maternal dam line and paternal sire's line of milk production, excellence in linear appraisal and grand champions. Her breeding doubles up on our proven does SGCH. Jacobs Pride Butterscot Puddín 8*M and SGCH. Jacobs Pride Bernice 7*M. Two does who have proven themselves in all 3 categories, MILK PRODUCTION, LINEAR APPRAISAL and the SHOW RING. Further proving themselves by passing on these outstanding qualities in their sons and daughters and continuing on into their offspring and beyond! Quite an outstanding feat.
For all those who like to dig deep into pedigrees, one should see her pedigree has the power to impact by adding these outstanding doubled up genetics.
Fiesta Puddn Ole' has it to give



                         Fiesta Puddn Ole's dam;
SGCH. Jacobs Pride Butterscot Pudd'n 8*M  5-02 92 EEEE
               USDA/DHIR Elite Doe

                                         2005 TOP TEN Breed Leader in Milk and Protein
                                              2007 INBA Res. All American Aged Doe
                                          2010 ADGA NATIONAL Res. Grand Champion
                                          2010 ADGA NATIONAL Res. Best Udder
                                  2010 ADGA NATIONAL Nubian Natl. Show Top Performer          


Fiesta Puddn Ole's dam was one of our tremendous aged does who had done it all for us. Puddín was a TOP TEN Breed Leader in 2005 in Milk and Protein and achieved USDA-DHIR Elite Doe status.
In linear appraisal Puddín had proven her strength in structure through her linear appraisals over the years. Achieving two F/S of 92 EEEE
On the show circuit Puddín easily achieved her GCH. Status.  In 2007 Puddín was 3rd place at the 2007 ADGA Nationals, standing directly behind 2nd place GCH. Lakeshore Farms Julieís Jaguar and in 1st place, CH. LH Mountain Vista Eclipse. Those two does were put up as the 2007 ADGA National Grand Champion and Res. National Champion that year. I was honored to stand in 3rd place behind the 2007 National Grand Champion and Res. National Grand Champion does.
Pudd'n acquired 6 GCH., 4 Res. GCH., 8 BOB, a BDIS and the 2010 ADGA National Res.GCH., National Res. Best Udder, and National Top Performer.
Most importantly, Puddín proven to pass herself on into her offspring, and thus became one of most valued brood does. 


                 Fiesta Puddn Ole's sire's dam;    
                                 GCH Goldthwaite Butterfly Kisses 9*M 2-04 87 VV+V


Fiesta Puddn Ole's paternal side is exciting. We used  Mís Sagebrush Puddnís Kisses last fall specifically for this breeding. 
The bloodlines of Fiesta Puddn Ole's sire, Mís Sagebrush Puddnís Kisses incorporated the power and beauty of SGCH. Jacobs Pride Butterscot Puddín 8*M and SGCH. Jacobs Pride Bernice 7*M.
Adding yet more power, by incorporating the line breeding of the Goldthwaite genetics on the damís side of Mís Sagebrush Puddnís Kisses.
Mís Sagebrush Puddnís Kisses also includes in his genetics SG. Jacobs Pride Star Dancer +*B who sired SGCH. Jacobs Pride Bridget Bardoe 10*M 5-07 92 EEEE the 2005 ADGA National Jr. Grand Champion.


  Fiesta Puddn Ole's maternal grand dam
        paternal SSDD and SSSD
                               SGCH. Jacobs Pride Bernice 7*M  6-03 91 EEEE   

                 INBA Res.All American in 1998        1999  6th place yearling milker ADGA National Show
                 INBA Res.All American 2002

Fiesta Puddn Ole's maternal grand dam, paternal SSDD and SSSD
 SGCH. Jacobs Pride Bernice 7*M was one of our top does who left us much to soon. Bernice excelled in milk production 2-11 305 3260m. 
In linear appraisal with her final score before her death of 6-03 91 EEEE. Bernice held a linear appraisal score of an E mammary for 5 straight years up until her last appraisal.
In the show ring Bernice began her show career strong. In 1998 she was warded the INBA Jr. Res. All American and again in 2002 the INBA Sr. Res. AA title.
Bernice was 6th place yearling milker in 1999 at the CA. ADGA Nationals. She easily earned her permanent championship. Bernice's show career ended with 5 GCH.  5 Res. GCH. 6 BOB  5 BDIS and 3 BUIS.
Bernice is fondly remembered by many and sadly missed by us.


  Fiesta Puddn Ole's maternal  sister
                             SGCH. Jacobs Pride Scotch On Rocks 9*M  6-06 92 EEEE

            2006 INBA Res. All American                                               ( Pudd'n    &   Scotch )
            2007 ADGA National Show 4th place 4 yr. old 
            2007 ADGA Natl. 3rd Place Dam & Daughter  
            2007 INBA Res. All American

SGCH. Jacobs Pride Scotch On Rocks 9*M is a great representative of what Puddín produced.
Scotchís linear appraisal scores are impressive with her last score coming in at
 06-06 92 EEEE.
Scotchís showing at the 2007 ADGA Nationals was quite exciting. Placing 4th in her class that year and 3rd place in the Dam & Daughter class. She has a show career to showcase her beauty holding 5 GCH. 1 Res.GCH. and 3 BOB.
Scotch looks stunning this year but was unable to attend this yearís ADGA National show in KY due to the fact she freshened with a small single doeling, we named, Jacobs Pride No More Scotch 4U, aka; "Morie". Our beautiful Scotch looks fabulous but hasnít been producing the milk needed from a single small doe kid kidding to had made the 1,800 mile trip to KY and produce the amount of milk required for the show ring. We were sad over that fact she freshened with a single small kid, knowing the outcome looked bleak for her trip to the Nationals, however we were ever more grateful for the fact she freshened and provided a beautiful live doe whoís become a vital part of our human family, besides being dairy goat stunning.
My decision at the time to bring a bottle baby (Scotchís April doeling, Morie) to aide as a buddy for Fiesta Puddn Ole and serve as an extended representation of Pudd'n through Scotch, turned out to be a poor decision on my part for Morie. She had gotten quite sick at the beginning of Nationals. In spite of Morie's National show ordeal, she still made the cut out of her huge class of over 60 kids, placing 15th in her class.

                                 Jacobs Pride No More Scotch  4U



  Fiesta Puddn Ole's maternal niece
                                  & Scotch's daughter
                    SG. Jacobs Pride Za Scottish Mist 10*M 1-05  85 +VVV

                   2010 ADGA National Show 3rd place 3rd Udder 2 yr. old

    Fiesta Puddn Ole's maternal niece and SGCH. Jacobs Pride Scotch On Rocks 9*M  daughter, SG. Jacobs Pride Za Scottish Mist 10*M has been standing strong in the show ring since she entered as a first freshening yearling. Misty proved to be our strongest yearling last year and again as a second freshening 2 year old, placing 3rd Pl. with 3rd Udder at the 2010 ADGA National show in KY.
Once again, Pudd'ns influence can be seen coming through into her granddaughter and I expect no less from Pudd'ns influence in Fiesta Puddn Ole'


Among the many outstanding animals in Fiesta Puddn Ole's pedigree who have been highlighted, I would like to give special mention to a few others.
Such as Fiesta Puddn Ole's maternal great grand dam, SG. Six M Galaxy Princess Jazmin 6*M.  Twice TOP TEN Breed Leader in milk production in 1999 and again in 2001.
SGCH. Kismet Smooth Kristin 3*M the 1998 ADGA National Grand Champion
The famous SGCH. Will O The Wisp Red Rock +B who has produced 9 permanent champions to date out of his very limited offspring in his short lifetime.

        SGCH. Will O' The Wisp Red Rock +B         SGCH. Kismet Smooth Kristin 3*M
                        7-03  90 VEE                                                        5-02 91 EEEE
             9 permanent GCH. daughters                1998 ADGA National Grand Champion
7 GCH ~ 1 Res. GCH ~ 2 BOB ~ 2 BBIS
2001 INBA Res. ALL AMERICAN Senior Get of Sire
2003 INBA ALL AMERICAN Junior Get of Sire


Iím thrilled about these power packed genetics which make up the internal integrity of Fiesta Puddn Ole', matching her outside wrapping of her prominent structure, style and beauty of this outstanding young lady. An animal we had planned from conception to nominate, being elated over her acceptance into the 2010 Spotlight Sale which gave us the opportunity to present the best of our best! Finally we were jubilant once again that Fiesta Puddn Ole' was the 2010 ADGA Spotlight sale high selling animal. Making that a second time for Jacobs Pride to have the Spotlight Sale high selling animal.






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