100.00 deposit reserves kid of your choice
                                    We honor verbal reservations from repeat customers.

We reserve the right to cancel any order placed with a deposit refund if we consider the kid to be unfit at birth.
We reserve the rights to retain any kid for replacement in our breeding program but only from the event of an untimely loss or injury of the dam.
Deposits/payments on kids are non refundable on any order canceled by the buyer other then what has been specified here.
We will not, and do not pull a kid from an order in which a deposit has been placed simply because we like the kid at birth and decide we want to keep her/him. What is ordered will remain yours. We want you to be successful! And succeed in both your breeding program and the show ring as we have been blessed.

The buyer will be notified for balance due, shipping and receiving arrangements after the health and welfare of the kid is secure, usually within a week after birth or as time permits during my kidding season. At which time, the balance remaining will be due in full upon notification.
The buyer has a maximum of 6 weeks from the time of notification to pay in full, including all shipping costs up front or sale is terminated unless prior arrangements have been made in writing. Any and all money including payments and or deposits is forfeited and the kid or kids will be transferred to the next buyer on the waiting list.
We ship by air within the U.S. unless the buyer has secured other arrangements. Any and all other shipping arrangements are the sole responsibility of the buyer and secured for farm pick up or an agreed upon delivery spot off our farm within Arizona, not to exceed a 4 hour drive. All gas and mileage expenses and added travel expenses will be applied.
I make flight arrangements unless otherwise directed or buyer chooses to make those arrangements. 
Kids fly out of TUS -Tucson International Airport AZ. unless a direct flight can be secured through PHX -Phoenix International Airport. However, delivery charges to PHX are vastly higher due to gas and mileage expenses applied to deliver to Phoenix.
Shipment or pick-up of animal/animals is not to exceed 5 weeks from notification unless arrangements have been made.

Orders placed that change due to circumstances either outlined above or a sickness or death of a kid, thus making the order unable to be filled, the deposit will be carried over and applied to the following year.

Shipping costs include;
 All transportation costs, kennel expenses, health inspections and papers including any and all other expenses to facilitate shipment are the sole responsibility of the buyer.
We reserve the option to purchase up to 20 straws of semen back at the cost of collection when collected, on any buck that we sell within the U.S.
We abide by the ADGA Recommended Trade Practices for Members (ADGA Guidebook section XIX).
All sales are final. Should a reasonable discrepancy arise regarding the animal purchased in which both the seller and buyer agree upon regarding said animal, a "replacement only" policy stands only with the safe, clean health and good welfare of the animal's return for replacement. All return shipping costs, as stated above, are the sole responsibilities of the buyer in both returning the animal back to the seller for replacement and including all costs of shipping the replacement animal back.