Jacobs Pride Tootn Hollylujah

DOB 3/27/2013N1652736
 G6S untested

                                                                     SSS: SG. +*B Wingwood Farm KR Tuscany ELITE SIRE

                                  SS: *B Wingwood Farm TY Zapata

                                                                     SSD: SGCH. Wingwood Farm KR La Linda 3*M

SIRE: *B Jacobs Pride Za Tootie Pop Kid

                                                                     SDS: SGCH. Will O The Wisp Red Rock +B f/s 90VEE 
                                                                                                                     INBA 97' Res. All American & 98' ALL AMERICAN

                                  SD: SGCH. Jaocbs Pride Pop Rock Candy 10*M 92 EEEE  

                                                                     SDD:SGCH. Jacobs Pride Pistachio Candy 9*M ELITE DOE
                                                                                                                                     TOP TEN Breed Leader


                                                                     DSS: SGCH. +B Will O' The Wisp Red Rock  7-03 90 VEE

                                  DS: SG. *B Jacobs Pride Rock Show  4-03 85 +EE

                                                  DSD:SGCH. Tawa's Tessa 1*M  7-11 91 EEEE  Top Ten Breed Leader

DAM:SGCH. Jacobs Pride Hollywood Star 7*M  5-06 91 EEEE

                                                  DDS:SG. +*B Six M Galaxy Milanis Pistachio  7-01 89 VEV

                                  DD: SG. Jacob's Pride Kimia 6*M  6-03 85 VVV+

                                                                     DDD:Six M Galaxy Aisha 5*M 

Lulu is a precious young lady for me. Sadly I lost her dam Holly in 2013, 2 days after she kidded with Lulu, due to a rupture from the difficult delivery of the last kid born after Lulu, who was a handicapped buckling.
Lulu freshened in 2014 with a very promising udder and continued to develop nicely. Unfortunately Lulu miscarried in 2015. 
Lulu  once again miscarried in 2017. We've regrettably put her on the watch list now and waiting on her for freshening in 2018. Now we are what I call, the wait and see season. 

                                                      SHOW WINS
                                                           1 GCH

                                                                  2014 AZ State fair
                                                                     Jacobs Pride V Marvel Dagny
                                                                          Congratulations Lucas!