100% CAE Negative on entire herd


Thank you for your interest in our beautiful herd of purebred Nubians that I dearly treasure.
Our desire has always been and continues to be for each and every kid or the occasional adult offered, to bless every one who's hands they go into. Everyone who've chosen to put their trust in Jacobs Pride and invest in us. It's our heart's desire and prayer for them to succeed. Will every animal meet every expectation? Most likely not, not for us, not for others but it's still in our heart and prayer that they will not only meet but exceed our heart's desire. 
Our herd consists of hard working ladies who milk strong and consistent to hold long steady lactations. The gentlemen work contributing to half our herd. Our kids who work, start out learning to work in the show ring, as do their parents on the show circuit.
Our animals have consistently linear appraised excellent, milk well and continue to show competitively, continuing to be strong competitors in every category, the show ring, appraisal scores and milk pail. To God be all the praise and glory   
Our goal began in 1993 and has remained focused on breeding well rounded, quality Nubians that reproduce themselves in all 3 categories of milk, L/A and show ability. In our breeding program, they are bred to display the beautiful attributes of Nubian breed character. Specifically, their beautiful roman nose and a long, belled ear that's distinctively known for our breed. Along with breeding for a beautiful ear and roman nose, a unique Jacobs Pride style that displays eloquence and beauty, to pay tribute to our majestic Nubian.

We've achieved proven high milk production from ADGA Top Ten awards to Superior Genetics (SG.) titles with generations of *star milkers and permanent champions.    Jacobs Pride has further earned years of outstanding, powerful linear appraisal scores, proving their ability to continuously reproduce themselves throughout the years.

I've striven to breed these beautiful Nubians with their beautiful, distinctive look and style that's a pleasure to rest my eyes on. Elegant, long boned animals, strong in general appearance, dripping with the beautiful Nubian breed character about the head and ear they are noted for. The noble, the large, the beautiful, magnificent Nubian.
Jacobs Pride Nubians have an inherent gentle, calm, quiet and loving dispositions. It is this type of Nubian I love and have had the heart to breed. This is the Nubian I continually strive for in my breeding program.

We believe in the official records of D.H.I.R and the ADGA Linear Appraisal program, which we begin implementing in the beginning of Jacobs Pride back in 1994. We began linear appraising in 1994 and D.H.I.R started up in our herd in 1996.
DHIR and linear appraisal has been an effective management tool for us through the years in breeding fine Nubians and a tremendous asset for anyone investing in a Jacobs Pride animal.

Our herd management began and continues to be carefully managed for running a 
     disease free herd.
We are and always have been a 100% CL free herd and 100% CL free property.
Our entire herd is 100% CAE negative, running annual, whole herd blood samples for 
    CAE to insure we are 100% CAE negative.

Our herd  has accomplished to date, with the numbers continuing to climb;
35 Jacobs Pride animals have earned the SG status
31 Jacobs Pride animals have earned permanent Grand Champion status
30 Excellent L/A Mammary scores
13 Permanent L/A 91
12 Permanent L/A 92  
9 Permanent L/A 90
6 Jacobs Pride does have made the ADGA TOP TEN Breed Leaders list in all categories; MILK, BUTTERFAT and PROTEIN.  

In 2000 we became aware of the recessive gene called, mucopolysaccharidosis IIID,
 or G-6-Sulfase deficiency, now commonly known as G6S.
In 2001 we began testing for this recessive gene.      
To read our personal journey with G6S click HERE
To learn more about G6S visit HERE
We only sell G6S normal bucklings unless special arrangements and conditions are met.
All of our herd sires are G6S normal.


Thank you once again, for your interest in our herd. It is my hope you enjoy your time spent visiting our website. And hopefully you will relish our animals as much as we do.
                                                              Love, Deborah



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